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this is where the title live : Tuesday, December 27, 2011 - 5:49 PM
SAMPLE POST REBLOGGED FROM LACETTE.TUMBLR.COM : Hey guys! How are all of your weekends going so far? I finally arrived home from Minneapolis at about 3am this morning.. ! It was about a 5 hour drive but totally worth it. The campus was so gorgeous and I definitely have fallen in love with the entire city. Besides the college visit, I also spent a good 8+ hours shopping. I hit up nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Lola, H&M, and about a million other places at the Mall of America before finding the perfect dress. I also just recently got home from another hour necessary to find a pair of killer heels! I’m somewhat anxious for next week to come up since as I mentioned earlier, I’m one of the four girls nominated for homecoming queen! To be honest I have no idea who’s going to win, all the girls nominated are so sweet and naturally absolutely gorgeous. Thank goodness I got to go shopping in the city! Other than that, I’m super happy with all of my purchases. Besides my dresses and heels I ended up with the cutest pair of knee high boots (that I scored for only $110!) and a few other random articles of clothing. I absolutely loved spending the weekend with Lys and my parents.. we did get into somewhat of an argument towards the end of the trip (we were all a little on edge) but it really was a great few days.

My date with Josh is coming up in only a matter of hours and i’m so excited to see him! Ahhh. <3 I’ll more than likely be making a post about the entire night once I get home. Wish me luck!


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